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Did you know that the horse family originated
more than 65 million years ago?
The first horse was not much bigger than a fox.

Today's domestic horse belongs to a family that includes three species of zebras and two species of asses. Only the Mongolian wild horse--or Przewalski's horse--still exists totally as a wild animal, and it is an endangered species. Horses were domesticated by humans more than 6,000 years ago, and now there are more than 200 different breeds of domestic horses.

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I've always enjoyed being around horses. As a professional photographer, I also enjoy taking pictures of horses. My cameras have captured all kinds of events, from local saddle club shows to USET dressage. As a freelance stringer, I shot rodeos and had my photos and articles published regularly in Pro Rodeo World magazine.

These pages have a few of the photos I've taken over the years, and I added some information, too. Learn more about these amazing animals and view photos of them at work and at play.


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