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Author Kae Cheatham has published more than a dozen books of fiction and nonfiction. Her juveniles' biography, of American Indian activist Dennis Banks, was a SPUR Award Finalist. Poetry and articles have appeared in many national publications. She has edited for publishing houses and magazines, and worked as a writer/photographer stringer for a rodeo magazine. Here are her available book titles.

Visual Artist Kae started off with SLRs cameras, but since 2002 has fully embraced the digital era. Her subject matter is mostly the nuts and bolts of domestic animals and rural events. Her photos have been used in many publications, including ORION Magazine, American Cowboy, Royal Wings (an international in-flight magazine), Bloodlines, and Pro Rodeo World (along with her articles); some photos have been included as illustrations in several books. Digital painting and graphic art techniques are applied to many of her images; she says, "it is absolutely fun, but I don't feel a need to use it on everything." She currently has a collection of digital paintings on her online gallery. Visit her on Facebook, too, at Kae Cs Images.

Speaker Kae gives independent workshops on writing and history. Her young-reader book, Spotted Flower and the Ponokomita (in the second printing of the second edition) is the basis for her presentation "Before the Horse," and she was part of the Humanities Montana (HM) Speaker's Bureau from 2004 - 2019. See her presentations list for more information.

Book Doctor Kae developed her skills during many years (1978 - 1998) of writing and critiquing in the illustrious Nashville Writers Alliance, a group in which she was a founding member and that continues even today. In 2000 she began doing book layout and production, at first for some of her own titles, and then for others. Her clients come from word of mouth, and more than thirty print and ebooks have been produced since 2010. Check out the Literary Services available.

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